Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Mobile phone data recovery service where getting your files back is priority over fixing the device.

Contact us first describing issues and type of mobile phone. How quickly has the job need to be?done?

Once you approve the quote, we determine the best course of actions to get your data recovered

Depends on type of the problem and the required speed of service, we recover your data within 1-10 working days

We use our micro soldering skills to repair the motherboard first or fix the software. If this is not enough, we use chip off method to remove the memory chip from the motherboard and extract the data with special forensic tools

We return your recovered data to your provided external storage device or we can provide you with the external drive


Initial price estimate is free. Once you agree and give us your device to do the job, we charge £39 not refundable fee. We don’t charge you more if the data cannot be recovered.

Send it by post

24/7 Hour courier service.Click to choose required turnaround time and pay for the service.Send your device via post or courier.

Visit Us

Bring it in! Describe the problem and choose date for your visit.Come to one of our stores for possible same day repair.

Door to door

Available in London.We will collect the device from your door and bring it back after repair, possibly same day. Additional charge applies.


Comprehensive data recovery service from mobile phones.

Broken phone and you don’t want to get it fixed but you only need a data recovery? Has this been tried to fixed but someone else but they were not able to recover your data? Have you lost access to your phone after the system update?

Once we agree with the customer that the data are more important than fixing the phone, we take a different approach. Initial diagnostics is crucial to prepare the strategy. Most of problems with loosing access to files is caused by faulty hardware rather than software issues.

We can recover the data without need of fully fixing the phone as long as the motherboard / logic board is not damaged. This is usually valid when you cannot use the phone because of the broken screen or charging port. Most of water damaged phones and phones not working for no obvious reason need the motherboard repair. The motherboard repair for data extraction can become very complex, since motherboards are made from several layers, utilising hundreds of components. We use schematics for most board repairs but if diagrams or replacement components are not available or if the damage is too severe, we need to search for another solution.

The next step is removing the memory chip from the motherboard. Most of mobile phones encrypt the data and we need to use special forensic tools to decrypt the chip. There is many different types of tools specialising in particular mobile phone brands.

If the problem with loosing files is caused by the software update or user error, we can recover the data in most cases but that is limited to Android based mobile phones.

When is it still possible to recover data from the phone: 

  • If you just accidentally factory reset the phone and you didn’t use it since then
  • The phone has a water damage
  • After software update the phone does not start
  • You have dropped the phone and damaged the screen badly
  • The phone has been run by a car
  • Forgotten password (you must proof the ownership of the phone)

Methods and tools that we use.

We use professional micro soldering equipment, including microscopes, hot air stations and BGA chip removal stations. For memory chip read/write we use NuProg-E, easy JTAG Z3X Plus with adapters for all mobile phones on the market. To analyse the extracted data, we use professional data software including MOBILedit.


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Fully Tested Before Return

Full functionality of your device will be checked before we return it to you by post or in the store.

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Most repair services come with 6 months warranty. Warranty upgrades available.

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