Galaxy S8 Plus Micro Soldering Repair Quote

Galaxy S8 Plus Micro Soldering Repair Quote

We offer motherboard and logic board microscopic level soldering services. Get your broken phone repaired by micro soldering specialists.

We can fix number of problems with your Apple iPhone or some other mobile phones, including no power, no boot, boot loop, no audio, no touch, no LCD, broken connectors after previous attempt to repair or charging port replacements. Some liquid damage and data recovery repairs also require micro soldering work.

Please note that success of the micro soldering repair may depend on the type of problem, your mobile phone model, available help resource (like schematics) and availability of replacement components. Although there is a number of problems that we can solve, there are also some that you may find too expensive to repair or cannot be fixed at all. If your device cannot be repaired, we still charge £25 diagnostics for attempt to repair.

Send it by post

24/7 Hour courier service.Click to choose required turnaround time and pay for the service.Send your device via post or courier.

Visit Us

Bring it in! Describe the problem and choose date for your visit.Come to one of our stores for possible same day repair.

Door to door

Available in London.We will collect the device from your door and bring it back after repair, possibly same day. Additional charge applies.


Micro soldering service for broken motherboard problems.

This type of repair requires particular skills, experience and specific approach. Some of problems that require micro soldering repair are quite common.

For less common problems, the big part in the process is actually to find the problem, usually faulty coil, capacitor, diode, resistor or the IC. We use methods like taking measures with the multimeter, freezing of the motherboard, thermal cameras but also simple visual inspection under the microscope.


Most common and most successful are micro soldering repairs for Apple iPhones, Samsungs and general charging port repairs. Other models can be repaired too, usually the challenge is with the customer’s budget and available replacement parts.

We will always give you a  price quote first before applying the cost. If you decides not to get your broken device repaired, we will only ask for the diagnostics fee.


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Fully Tested Before Return

Full functionality of your device will be checked before we return it to you by post or in the store.

Quality Replacement Parts

We are fully transparent about quality of replacement parts we use. Top repair guaranteed.

We Keep You Updated

Fixfactor keeps you informed about the progress of your repair at all times.

6 Months+ Warranty

Most repair services come with 6 months warranty. Warranty upgrades available.

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