iPhone dropped into the water or is it other liquid damage ? Shall we just recover your files ?

Please read below carefully.

Water or liquid damage is one of the most difficult kind of repairs. Actually anything could happen to the inside of your mobile phone. Sometimes it may require to change some components on your device’s motherboard.

Our recommendation is to act fast because phone left with liquid damage for few days, have smaller chances to be repaired. Don’t just try to dry it. It is not enough.

About the liquid damage repair process.

The water damage service consists of few stages. First, we disassemble the device and look for liquid affected places. Then we remove those components including the motherboard and prepare it for washing using ultrasonic cleaner. We wash it with specific liquid, specially designed for this operation. After that, we check under microscope that all the corrosion has been removed. Once we confirm that the phone has been fully cleaned, we start the drying process. This needs few hours. Later, we assemble the phone back and see if it is fully working. The service costs £49 until this moment, regardless if the phone is fully functional or not. We don’t give any warranty for cleaning, if it works, than it works. If it stops working any time in the future, it means that it require additional parts. Sometimes it cannot be repaired.

Second stage. If we find that the phone cannot be repaired, we check what actually is damaged. Sometimes it can be the screen itself (this cannot be repaired by washing). Very often phone requires new battery, sometimes it needs a new camera, charging port or fixing something on the motherboard. If we find that the motherboard cannot be repaired, we will search for the motherboard replacement. We will give you the quote asking if you need your data to be recovered or you just need a working phone. Sometimes fixing the phone means that your data are back but in some cases we can just try to get your data without fixing the phone. This is your choice.

Third stage is completing the repair. We may need few days to fix it but you will be informed about the process. If the phone cannot be repaired because the replacement part cannot be sourced or if it would exceed the quote, we will let you know and charge you only for the water damage cleaning service £49. We never push you to do the repair, we always ask you first!

Let us take a look, there is around 70% chance your mobile phone will start to work again or at least we will retrieve your files!

Partially working water damaged iPhones.

Sometimes after liquid damage your device may switch on or give some other symptoms that it is partially functional. Every time to do the repair, we need to clean the motherboard first before attempting the repair. Some mobile phones that are heavily damaged stop to work completely after cleaning. We still recommend to clean the phone after water damage but please consider the possibility that it may stop to work completely on some very rare occasions. This is not about further damage caused but about consequence of removing the corrosion from the damaged phone. We don’t accept any claims that the phone is even more damaged than it was and we still ask for the water damage service fee, as we follow same set of procedures leading to fixing your phone.

Existing damage to the front or back of your iPhone ?

If the screen of your phone is physically broken or the back is damaged, we don’t take responsibility if the crack will spread.

About the warranty for water damage service.

The water damage cleaning service does not guarantee that your phone will be functional after work. It only guarantees that it has been professionally cleaned. There is no warranty. If there are any issues arising later after we have completed the cleaning, this only means that some components had some partial damage already but could not be seen. If we have replaced anything for your phone to work, we guarantee those parts to work for 6 months. In any case, £49 fee is not refundable.

Optionally, we can provide you with picture of the work we have completed. We will show you the phone before and after the water damage cleaning. Please ask before we start the job.


Please note: If your iPhone does not work after cleaning or you don’t agree with the cost for fixing it, there will be charge of £49 water damage cleaning fee as we spend few hours following all repair procedures.